Bill Machrone's Home Page
It's not much to look at, but it's home.

Some things you can find from here:

Testing Digital Audio Players and Such. So much potential. So many ways to screw it up. Some players do a wonderful job, some terrible. Here are some of my methodologies and findings. Some of my latest victims: The 6GB iPod Mini, the iRiver H10, the Dell DJ20, the Creative Zen Micro.

The Cold Heat Soldering Tool Some pictures to go along with my PC Magazine column. "It's Cool to be Cold."

Some Guitars I've Built

Modifications to the Fender Blues Junior: Before I was a computer geek I was a tube geek. The Fender Blues Junior is a cool little amplifier, and I've done some much-needed improvements to the older ones and some useful modifications to newer ones. This is the link to the famous "Billm" mods.

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